Stop Foreclosure with New Finanacing

Refinancing is sometimes a good option. If the circumstances that have brought you to the foreclosure have changed and you can afford payments on a new mortgage this might be your best way to stop the foreclosure. Keep in mind that refinancing can be expensive, however, as you may need to pay closing costs, points, and other fees.

The more equity you have the easier it is to get a new lawn I work with a mortgage broker that can arrange a new mortgage for up to 70% of the property value even if your credit score is not so great, which is typically the case if you have not paid your mortgage for few months already.

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Stopping the Foreclosure proceedings when there is no equity


Stopping the Foreclosure proceedings when there is no equity can be really tricky. Since there is not enough equity in the house there will be no way to get new financing nor would you be able to sell the house, pay out the lender and walk away.
In addition, when the lender’s solicitor can prove in court that there is no equity in the property, the redemption period given the owners is typically only one month.
If you have no equity in your property and are facing foreclosure you will need to act very quick.

The only way to stop the Foreclosure in this case is to pay the arrears and reinstate the mortgage. If you exhausted all viable options to come up with the amount required to pay back the arrears you may still be able to work a special deal with real estate investors like us and save your home and your credit.

We craft a custom solution for each case depending on the reason for the foreclosure and your current financial situation.

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Finding Foreclosure properties in BC

British Columbia, Canada. There were 180 new foreclosure cases filed in the Supreme Court Registries of Vancouver and New Westminster in March 2010.

When a real estate investor is looking for a foreclosure, what he/she is really looking for are “motivated sellers”, homeowners that are willing to sell their property for a lower price in order to solve their immediate financial problems.
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Getting Help when in Foreclosure

If you are having trouble paying your mortgage and looking for help you are certainly not alone. There are very few resources available for the BC home owner to get a better understanding of what to expect and what solutions are available to help solve their problem or at least minimize the long term damage. Most websites, articles and blogs that you will find using a simple search target real estate investors that are looking for a good deal; others try to sell you on a new mortgage but few will give you the answers you are looking for.

If you want to understand all of your options on how you can stop foreclosure on your home, please fill our confidential application form. Having all the details help us understand how we can help you. This makes us better prepared for when we personally call you and make the first, initial, FREE consultation.

Tips for homeowners

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I am talking to home owners in your situation every day the following list of tips and ideas is based on what the home owners typically ask.  This article is not intended to replace legal advice, it based on my experience visiting the BC court, talking to home owners and actually helping at least some to stop the foreclosure.

Contact Your Lender to Avoid Foreclosure – As soon as you realize that you are unable to make your payments, contact your mortgage lender to discuss your circumstances. While there is no guarantee that any particular relief will be given, most lenders are willing to explore every possible option.

Understand the timeline and act accordingly – If you have a solution in sight, make sure you act as quickly as possible. I have met many home owners who had come up with the funds to pay the arrears only to find out the bank has already hired a lawyer and filed a foreclosure petition in court. Stopping the process once it is in the lawyers hands can cost few thousands of dollars.

Talk to the bank’s lawyer – If your lender has already hired a lawyer (You would know, you’ll receive a letter). You will be surprised how helpful the bank’s lawyer could be if you ask legitimate answers and show a genuine interest in solving the problem.

Be really careful with taking 2nd or 3rd mortgages – If you decide to use your home equity in order to pay your 1st mortgage monthly payments or arrears make sure you know what you are getting too. These mortgages can be extremely expensive. Make sure to read my article about the subject.

File an appearance – If and when you receive a petition from the court, you are typically required to file an appearance. Filing an appearance is a very simple step that can be done by fax. By filing an appearance you ensure that will be notified of any further proceedings.